3/50 | Sandringham Mansions


Saving Sandringham Flats from demolition was a key outcome of community activism that saw HTA appointed to work on this wonderful example of Victorian philanthropic housing. Our ‘Community Architecture’ and people led design approach had become well-honed from earlier projects such as Lea View House and , when this magnificent building passed to Soho Housing Association  on the demise of the Greater London Council in 1986 for the princely sum of £1, we were delighted to be commissioned to work with residents to give the buildings, known as ...
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2/50 | Lea View House


‘Heaven in Hackney’ as Lea View House was called in the 1930’s when it was built had become an unpopular sink estate forty years later.   The inter-war five storey walk-up blocks of flats, with open, hard courtyards and stairways, had become crime-ridden.  With solid wall construction, failing windows and no insulation, they were expensive and hard to heat and maintain.  Innovative at the time, by the late 20th century the kitchens were too small for modern fridges and washing machines, and balconies used for ...
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