RESI Conference 2017 Picture 1

RESI Conference 2017

HTA's Mike De'Ath, Colin Ainger, Sandy Morrison and Riette Oosthuizen will be attending the 2017 RESI Conference at the Celtic Manor, South Wales. Riette Oosthuizen will also be joining this year's panel.

The theme of this years Conference is Modern Methods of Disruption, and Resi have lined up some of the biggest names in property and politics to answer and discuss some of the most relevant questions being asked by the residential sector today.

The panel Riette will be contributing to is:

Planning in Action!

How can the market's frustrations with planning be addressed?

Infrastructure: The Key to 100,000 New Homes

Supurbia: Increasing Housing Supply via Densification of the Suburbs

The M27 Corridor, 5 years, 4600 Homes Required-A Joined Up Vision in Planning and Local Leadership

Lessons from Paris: The 'Reinventing Paris' Approach to Land Disposal and Innovative Design


The discussion will be taking place on day 2 of the event on Thursday the 14th of September at 12.10

Start Date: 13th September 2017 17:30 pm
End Date: 15th September 2017 12:15 pm
Location: Coldra Woods, The Usk Valley, Caerleon, Newport (Get Directions)