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Site Match London

Sitematch London is a property event which helps to create working relationships between public sector landowners and private sector developers and investors. Each participating London council (25 of which attended in 2016) is given a table, where senior officers of regeneration, economic development and planning can be found. They are joined by private sector developers for a series of 15-minute meetings, where discussions about possible future regeneration and development projects take place. Councils have 12 meetings and delegates have up to five, spread throughout the day. Once the meeting time is up, developers move onto the next council. It really is as simple as that.

HTA are a key partner supporting the Sitematch conference and will involved in a number of activities throughout the day, including the below workshop:

2.45-3.15pm - Density intensification, the Suburbs and offsite manufacture: A major opportunity for housing delivery - HTA Design LLP


Building on our visioning work on ‘Supurbia’ – HTA Design LLP’s proposal for a strategy to increase the speed, scale and quality of housing provision in London’s suburbs - we will be presenting and leading a discussion at Sitematch that references recent projects which increase density in outer London locations. We will focus on current work with Local Authorities and in Joint Public/ Private arrangements,  and also discuss delivery using offsite manufacture and modular build.


With homebuyers and renters being continuously pushed out from the dense central boroughs, London’s suburbs become ever more important. As Central London’s vibrancy and accessibility spreads into zone 3 and beyond, ’Supurbia’ can meet it by unlocking land in low density developments for intensification.

Local Authorities are key in creating, enabling and also benefiting from the opportunity to create new housing and also income through New Homes Bonus and additional Community Charge and proceeds from sale or long term rental streams. Meanwhile Private sector developers and Housing Associations are engaging in Joint Ventures and partnership approaches.

HTA Design are currently working in Enfield, Ealing, Islington, Barnet, Croydon and elsewhere on a range of project types that begin to demonstrate the potential, from infill sites, larger land opportunities to regeneration projects.

Meanwhile, with The Farmer Review highlighting the potential of offsite manufacture to address delivery of homes , HTA Design LLP will also be presenting thoughts from their recent projects on the potential of modular and panelised approaches to housing delivery.

To attend the event:

Start Date: 8th February 2017 08:00 am
End Date: 8th February 2017 18:00 pm
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