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Supurbia, Powered by Pecha Kucha

The time has come to re-appraise the role that our outer suburbs play in the life of the city and to evolve a set of policies that support a process of sustainable transformation. There are many ways in which we can imagine how lifestyles can be enhanced, especially in areas which currently lag behind the rest of the capital in social and economic terms. We call this movement for change #Supurbia.

On February 21st at the NLA at 5.30pm - HTA Design, Centre for London, Create Streets and others have come together to organise a Pecha Kucha evening exploring the possibilities. Presentations will cover:

1) 'Mauling the Mall' - Londons place in an international perspective on the creation of compact cities. Kathryn Firth, FPdesign.

2) The politics and economics of suburban intensification. Kat Hanna, Centre For London.

3) Supurbia – The evidence base for potential capacity, a planning policy framework, Design and quality standards. Riette Oosthuizen, HTA Design LLP.

4) Create Boulevards – A community based movement for enhancing high streets by Create Streets. Nicholas Boys Smith, Create Streets.

5) The development economics – A case for investment by individual or groups of suburban homeowners. Yolande Barnes, Savills.

6) Transportation innovation – The opportunity arising from revolutions in propulsion, guidance and ownership of the means of transport. Rachel Skinner WSP|Parsons Brinckerhoff

7) CustomBuild – the opportunity for high quality SME developer involvement in bespoke development. Gus Zogolovitch, Inhabit Homes.

8) Eco Supurbia- Transforming the suburbs into lively active places by adding green new homes, retrofitting the existing homes with the profits of development and maximising the use of the existing infrastructure through the use of renewable energy, battery storage, smart grids, autonomous vehicles and drones. Rory Bergin, HTA Design LLP

To attend RSVP to

Start Date: 21st February 2017 18:00 pm
End Date: 21st February 2017 20:00 pm
Location: The Building Centre, 26 Store St, Fitzrovia, London  (Get Directions)