Tuesday Talk - Juliette Mitchell, Architypal Picture 1

Tuesday Talk - Juliette Mitchell, Architypal

Even designers need words

Words shouldn’t be a last resort. While they won’t do the job of images and floor plans, they play a crucial supporting role, bringing your ideas to life and conveying your inspiration, your energy and your vision. Join us for a whistle-stop workshop on kick-starting the flow, adopting the right tone, finding stories in the work you do, and tackling whatever stumbling blocks come your way.

Juliette Mitchell acquainted herself with the inner workings of a whole host of creative minds over many years working as an editor at Penguin Books. She now runs architypal.co.uk, helping architects write about what they do.

Start Date: 11th July 2017 17:45 pm
End Date: 11th July 2017 18:30 pm
Location: HTA Design LLP, 106-110 Kentish Town Road, London, NW1 9PX (Get Directions)