Here is Ben Derbyshire's election statement, based on three on-line blogs contributed to Building Magazine earlier this year:

"I aspire to a better designed, more sustainable, ecologically diverse, beautiful and therefore enjoyable environment. I believe architects have much to contribute to this and deserve a bigger and growing market in which to find rewards for their talents. The RIBA can contribute to these goals by effective marketing – understanding how society and commerce can obtain added value from design, equipping architects to deliver in these areas, communicating and promoting opportunities for the profession.  To achieve this the RIBA should:

1) Keep up the profile raising activities of the Institute, albeit better informed by input from its own specialist working groups.

2) Wrest control of regulation from ARB and promote voluntary fee scales.  You cannot market effectively unless you have control of both quality and price.

3) Revisit education of architects and about architecture.  Architectural education should have a much shorter academic phase and thorough professional training through apprenticeship with chartered practice and appropriate employers.  Architecture should be part of the school curriculum.

4) Campaign to promote a place for architects in industry, architects in commerce, architects in education, architects in government.

5) Focus on the opportunities of IT to achieve change, both disruptive and systemic.

6) Campaign and educate to improve the culture of procurement in the public sector.

7) Address the consumers of our services and products with better information, easier access and improved and more transparent feedback.

I expect success will lead to a restoration of architects’ place in society, with proper rewards and recognition based on wider understanding of the value we add."

Here are links to the three Building Magazine blogs, which are reproduced on HTA's website:




Ben has been nominated by:

  1. Stephen Hodder
  2. Angela Brady
  3. Sunand Prasad
  4. Simon Allford
  5. Ken Shuttleworth
  6. Rab Bennetts
  7. Richard Lavington

The elections are conducted independently for RIBA by Electoral Reform Services (ERS) and voting information, including formal candidate statements and instructions on how to vote, will be sent to Chartered Members either electronically or by post on 17 June.  The other candidates for the six National seats are John Assael, Andrew von Bradsky, Darren Bray, Elspeth Clements, Daniel Leon, Walter Menteth, George Oldham, Nigel Ostime, Richard Parnaby, Flora Samuel, Anthony Skipper and Sam Webb.  We hope you will vote for Ben!