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Put architects back at the heart of the RIBA

Conservation specialist Andrew Salter has joined Northern Irish architect Alan Jones and HTA’s Ben Derbyshire in the race to become the next president of the RIBA 

Salter, an AABC-accredited architect with Banbury-based Acanthus Clews, was confirmed this morning by the institute as one of the three official candidates vying to succeed current president Jane Duncan.

Last week it emerged that Jones, a director of architecture education at Queen’s University Belfast since 2008 and the RIBA’s vice president of education, had decided to throw his hat into the ring alongside Derbyshire.

HTA chair Derbyshire revealed his intention to run back in April when the RIBA councillor asked for nominations for the role, which will begin in September 2017. 

The presidential elections will be conducted independently by the Electoral Reform Services and and voting will open on 4 July.

At that point voting information – including formal candidate statements and instructions on how to vote – will be sent to members via email or by post.

Balloting will end on 8 August, and the result will be announced on 11 August.

Derbyshire has already launched a dedicated website outlining his bid. Jones’ and Salter’s sites are expected to go live in the coming days.

According to our recently announced five year strategy, the RIBA is 'A global professional membership body driving excellence in architecture'. But how? I believe the RIBA should champion the people behind excellence in architecture. I believe it should champion you. 

Our profession needs a more efficient, more direct RIBA. One able to champion both architects and the architecture we create, with the courage to use our subscriptions to deliver real value. An RIBA driven by our needs, equipped to lead us into a more prosperous future. This means the RIBA needs to change. To bring through the most highly trained architects, it must demand more from the universities that supply them. To encourage a fairer environment for practicing architects, it must redefine what we represent. 

But to do any of this, it first of all needs you. This is your chance put the RIBA back in the hands of architects. A vote for me is a vote for an experienced, practicing architect with 30 years at the coalface of the industry. An architect who shares your commitment, drive and passion for the profession, and can now use that as a force for real change.

Visit Ben's campaign website