Haringey Mayor celebrates ‘pre-apprentice’ achievement Picture 1 Haringey Mayor celebrates ‘pre-apprentice’ achievement Picture 2 Haringey Mayor celebrates ‘pre-apprentice’ achievement Picture 3 Haringey Mayor celebrates ‘pre-apprentice’ achievement Picture 4

Haringey’s Mayor, Councillor Stephen Mann, officiated at the awarding of certificates to five ‘pre-apprentices’ who took part in a programme to give opportunity to young people seeking careers in the construction industry.

Haringey Play Association provides the award winning, open access, adventure playground Somerford Grove which is free at the point of use and therefore attracts children from many families living with severe economic hardship. Staff had noticed that some of these young people, who had grown up in this area (N17), were not benefitting from the new opportunities created by the area's redevelopment.

The ‘Beyond Boundaries’ initiative, created by HTA and delivered through Haringey Play Association, works with candidates drawn from regeneration areas including Northumberland Park as well as adjacent boroughs, Enfield and Waltham Forest.

Learning is very practical and 'hands on', supported by professional mentors within the construction industries.

Community Construction specialists, Build Up, worked with the ‘pre-apprentices’ to develop skills through the delivery of the installation that was designed and project directed by the candidates.

The candidates undertook an intensive course in design and construction that culminated in adding an amazing new sand and water installation that features a boat to the adventure playground! The candidates learnt how to redesign a space and then bring their ideas from the page to create a new structure on the playground, that their families, friends and neighbours can now enjoy.

The programme included workshops at HTA and site visits at Volker Fitzpatrick’s railway project in Northumberland Park.

The programme aims to give young people opportunities to try a range of design and construction related activities, working with professionals and volunteers, with the aim of facilitating apprenticeship opportunities. £10,000 was raised from donations from the private sector as well as £5000 support from Haringey Council.