The pressing issue of affordability is now at the forefront, not...">
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Housing Forum launch

The pressing issue of affordability is now at the forefront, not only of housing professionals, but also the electorate. A recent IPSOS MORI poll of 1000 people found that the issue came first in a list of concerns, ahead of transport, health and immigration. As we emerge from 6 years of a depressed housing market there is a danger we will settle for numbers rather than quality or tenure  mix in our quest for more supply. This Housing Forum report makes a case that affordable [Low Cost] housing is an essential ingredient in all communities to enable newcomers to find places to live close to work and those on low wage, either through economic circumstance or time of life, also to have the opportunity to live and contribute to places that are diverse and economically active.


Never has there been a time where a focus on sub market housing, whether for rent, shared ownership or sale, has been more important. We are setting the foundations for future communities and our report, while recognising the excellent efforts and initiatives of many funders and providers to deliver affordable homes in the face of seismic change, proposes that more is required. We call for greater political leadership and determination and promote 15 gamechangers for the 2015 election year.