HTA Planning secure 54 new homes with infill and rooftop development Picture 1

The Triangle Estate, Islington

On behalf of LB Islington New Build and Regeneration Team, HTA Planning secured planning consent on 27th April at Committee for 54 new homes on the Triangle Estate, Goswell Road.
The scheme, designed by LB Islington architects, was praised by Members for its design and the positive benefits it will bring to the Estate. It will provide much needed housing for local residents: 55% of the new homes will be affordable; and a mix of dwellings sizes will be provided which will allow for downsizing. In order to facilitate development, six existing units will be demolished and replaced on the site.

New infill dwellings are proposed at the ground floor to reduce the number of public entrances onto the site, thereby reducing opportunities for anti-social behaviour which is a recognised issue for the Estate. The centrally located podium and undercroft garages, which are in poor structural condition, will be removed and replaced by dwellings facing into the newly landscaped courtyard. A part 7 / part 8 storey block at the junction of Goswell Road and Percival Street has been designed to positively respond to the adjacent conservation area. This block will require the demolition of an existing retail unit, which will be replaced within it, on the ground and first floor; above this will be residential units.

Dwellings are also proposed as a new storey on top of the three existing blocks which currently stand at six storeys. The provision of dwellings through the creation of an additional storey will present construction challenges; but these units are an opportunity to create more dwellings on a centrally located site within a densely developed London area.

The scheme demonstrates that via rooftop and infill development, additional homes can be created across London with very little land take.