HTA Planning have been working with Thameswey Group and BDP to secure a revised planning permission for Sheerwater in Woking. HTA previously secured planning permission for a major development in Sheerwater in 2016.  The revised plans responded to feedback from local residents and Borough Councillors in changing the design to deliver:

  • Additional homes, both affordable and private – an increase of 16% overall on a small area of developed land.
  • The open space areas are increased from 8.9 to 9.9 hectares.
  • Bigger community facilities – 12% larger.
  • Development parcels at higher density buildings but with green streets, and podium garden areas.
  • More specialist accommodation, increased by over 30%.

HTA Planning will be working with Thameswey and the architectural design team to deliver the project on site, with initial development starting later in 2019.