London Housing Expo Picture 1

HTA's Ben Derbyshire collaborates to propose a London Housing Expo.

The UK can reclaim international pre-eminence as a centre for new thinking on the provision of housing by mounting a Housing Expo.

This would take place during the term of the current Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, who we are inviting to take the lead in this initiative.

This proposal, from the uniquely qualified partnership of the Royal Institute of British Architects, New London Architecture and The Design Museum, explains how the Expo would work.

The proposal envisages three phases. The first phase highlights the quality and benefits of the best of current new housing with a database and app that will allow visitors to seek out housing projects of particular interest in London and other participating cities. This could begin almost immediately.

The second stage would be an international competition for the design of groups of homes launched in 2018 with a conference and exhibition of the best of international experience. The competition will illustrate how designers, developers and manufacturers can address key issues of cost, affordability, density, sustainability, quality and neighbourhood well-being that affect all citizens.

The third phase, the Expo itself, sees the winning schemes constructed on special expo sites and open to the public in Autumn 2019. A conference and permanent exhibition in Central London of models, photos and digital presentations provides a comprehensive introduction to the capital and nation-wide display and information on international examples of great quality housing.

They are inviting the Mayor of London to take the lead and participate in all three stages of the Expo. Subject to Sadiq Khan’s response we will also approach the Mayors and Leaders of the UK’s major cities and regions.