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HTA Design support Lambeth to deliver over 1,500 new homes by 2018

This month the Mayor of London announced the final two Housing Zones in South London in Lambeth and Merton, completing the first tranche of 20 Housing Zones to boost the supply and delivery of much needed new homes in London by 2018. 

What is a Housing Zone? 

Housing Zones are a key mechanism introduced by the Greater London Authority (GLA) to provide resources to increase capacity to deliver more than 42,000 new homes a year across London.

Why Lambeth?

The accelerated population growth in London, in conjunction with existing housing demand, means that there is the urgent need to increase the supply of housing whilst ensuring new development can create a mixed and sustainable neighbourhood. As a result of the recent growth trends revealed by 2011 Census, the GLA have increased the minimum housing supply target for Lambeth by 24% from 11,950 to at least 15,594 new homes by 2021 in the recent London Plan 2015.  

The Housing Zone designation will assist Lambeth Council in delivering new homes to meet and exceed the revised Mayor of London’s housing target in the 2015 London Plan. Without estate regeneration and intensification of existing brownfield sites in the borough, it will be difficult for Lambeth to identify alternative housing capacity opportunities. 

The Lambeth Housing Zone comprises of two areas and focuses on sites and opportunities for new homes that have already been identified, some of which are already being progressed. The northern core, which has four sites - Knight’s Walk, Hemans Estate, South Lambeth and Westbury Estate, and the central core made up of three sites - Fitch Court, Brixton Central and Your New Town Hall. 

The Housing Zone designation is strong supported by Lambeth’s adopted and emerging planning policy to widen the choice of homes and improve the quality of accommodation for existing and future residents of Lambeth.

 The Lambeth Housing Zone will:

  • build over 1,500 new homes
  • invest in and rebuild several estates. This will improve homes for people who live there as well as provide new homes 
  • offer a good mix of housing. This includes 40 per cent affordable homes and private rent
  • make public spaces better. It will also provide new, improved community facilities 
  • raise the standards of housing. In particular, by making homes more efficient levels. 

 “The vision for a housing zone for Lambeth is a vibrant and densely populated residential borough that stretches from the urban river frontage on the Thames at Westminster down to suburban Gypsy Hill in the south of the borough”. 

“ The Council’s ambition is to ensure that every resident in Lambeth has the opportunity to live in a good quality home that is affordable and suitable for their needs.” 

For further information, planning advice or queries please contact Riette Oosthuizen, Planning Partner at HTA Design ( 

HTA Design assisted Lambeth Council with the Housing Zone bid submission. 

“The planning advice from HTA Planning was very useful in helping us establish the development potential for the Council’s ambitious housing delivery programme”. 

Neighbourhood Regeneration, London Borough of Lambeth

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