Planning consent secured for Brunswick Park Road, East Barnet Picture 1

HTA Design are pleased to announce that it has helped Open Door Homes (a subsidiary of Barnet Homes) to achieve planning consent for 8 new affordable (65% of the market rent) homes, associated parking and landscaping on Brunswick Park Road in East Barnet.

 The committee praised the team for the consideration it had made in developing a design which addressed concerns by local residents and officers.  They also praised the design principles which they considered suitable for the site.

The scheme designed by architects at HTA, forms part of a program of sites identified as being under-utilised or vacant, and suitable for redevelopment to provide much needed social housing across the Borough. The Brunswick Park Road site is a pair of sites straddling Nurserymans Road with a garage court to the north and a single two-storey detached house to the south. The single housing was found to be structurally unsafe and uneconomical to repair.  The garages were of an old stock and therefore unable to accommodate modern cars.

The proposal for new housing represents an opportunity to address the unviable uses of both the house and garages, while providing much needed homes and an improved streetscape which will reinforce the suburban character of the area with a strong rhythm of active frontages and strong gables.

The scheme demonstrates how HTA works with its partners and stakeholders to achieve an elegant scheme, which is responsive to local community needs and the local character of the site.