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Riette Oosthuizen, Planning Partner, raises money for Coram cycling 500km

Riette Oosthuizen, HTA's Planning Partner, tells us about her PedElle cycle:

I set off with forty two women in the property industry on the 18th of May on a 500 km journey from Porto to Lisbon. Our route took us through spectacularly beautiful countryside with rolling hills, wild flowers, spectacular bridges and some very challenging hills with a total of 7,800 metres of climbing over the three days. We cycled through towns on cobbles that shook our bones and in blazing heat as we got closer to Lisbon.  

Many of us set out on the journey with a sense of trepidation, attempting such a challenge for the first time. Cycling two by two in peloton formation, over the three days we had to work together to keep one another safe. I can still hear the command 'slowing' ringing in my ears.  We were accompanied by six brilliant ride captains who did an amazing job at keeping us moving effectively: handing out emergency jelly babies, picking up lost sunglasses and water bottles on the move, and keeping us in high spirits.

Coffee and lunch stops with very necessary shade, cake, snacks, emergency sports massages, mechanical support and very cheerful Club Peloton crew kept us able to stay on the go. For me this was an incredible experience and the sense of camaraderie, the laughter, the singing and great sense of achievement at conquering some truly nasty hills will stay with me for a long time. Initiated by Jennifer Ross and Claire Traynor to get more women exposed to road cycling, this was a truly inspirational experience that I would recommend to any of my female colleagues. And yes, I will do it again.

Club Peloton has done a fantastic job at organising this event and it is for a truly great cause. Coram, the main benefactor of the fundraising effort, has so far raised over £30,000 for this event. I would like to thank everyone that has sponsored me for this event. I managed to raise £I,787.00. If you would like to read the more detailed day to day account of the event, you can access it here: