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Ebury Bridge, Westminster

The Ebury Bridge Estate has been identified by Westminster City Council as a priority area to be considered for regeneration opportunities. In 2010 HTA were selected by the residents and City West Homes officers and appointed by Westminster City Council to lead the masterplanning process to identify the potential for the estate. Since that time we have worked with residents to achieve wide support and a positive vote in 2013, in favour of partial demolition and redevelopment of the estate along with a wide range of environmental improvements.

The vision is to create a new neighbourhood of outstanding quality that establishes the estate as an accessible and attractive piece of city, integrated into the wider network of streets and spaces that characterise this historic corner of Westminster.

The potential for the Ebury estate to deliver a significant number of new replacement and additional homes has been identified in the Westminster City plan, where the Estate is identified as a draft allocation for 265 new homes and 164 refurbished homes. 

The combination of new quality architecture, and the restored existing buildings, along with a vastly improved public realm, will significantly enhance the character and value of the area, to deliver the Westminster City Council’s housing renewal aims and objectives and exceed the aspirations of the local residents.