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West Green Place

West Green Place was commended at the NLA Awards in the housing category.

Our vision for West Green Place is to create an exemplary new residential street adding a public square at its entrance which opens up access to Downhills Park. The proposals will see the existing poor quality and disparate community buildings replaced with a new a consolidated nursery and community hall in a striking new gateway building. The layout of the site has been crafted to enhance access to the beautiful Downhills Park and extends its landscape into the site. We have worked with the layout to reflect the grain of existing houses in the area with the ambition that the proposals will contribute to a neighbourhood that supports the local city makers who are being priced out of owning a home in London. 

West Green Place will offer 126 new homes of which 98 will be sold at a discount of 20% from the market rate using Pocket's unique model. This equates to nearly 80 percent of the homes meeting the GLA's definition of 'Affordable Homes'. Within this range of Pocket homes are five larger flats which through their creative and flexible layouts reduce their footprint to create discounted flats for sale with 2 bedrooms - a first for a Pocket development. In addition to these Pocket discounted flats there are 12 two bedroom flats for sale at full market value and 16 three bedroom townhouses ensuring that the new development benefit from a diverse community that accommodates families. The townhouses are bespoke for the site and have been carefully designed to minimize any overlooking and maximize light to existing homes to the east through a distinctive section that slopes down to the ground floor. This explores similar principles to those HTA have explored previously as part of the VELUX Carbonlight houses.



HTA Planning: Andover Estate

The proposed regeneration of the Andover Estate was successful, in winning an NLA Award, for the category of Masterplans and Area Strategies. HTA’s planning team supported the applicant to navigate proposals through the planning process, working with architects Studio Partington, Fabrik Landscape designers, and large consultant team.

The scheme proposes a comprehensive masterplan for 199 homes to provide an uplift of 69 homes on the estate, through a combination of infill development, reconfiguration of existing homes and garages, and limited redevelopment of existing blocks, alongside provision of affordable workspace, and significant public realm improvements. The carefully considered design proposals utilise underused open space within the existing estate, to provide new homes, as well as to safety and security in some locations.

The planning team put forward robust justification for divergence from planning policy relating to a number of strategic matters to both the GLA and the Council’s planning department, including the loss of open space and lower floor to ceiling heights to enable the conversion of garage spaces to dual aspect homes.

This hybrid planning application on the borough’s largest estate was highly complex and numerous stakeholders had to be kept on board during all phases of development. The planning committee praised the approach to regeneration, and highlighted that the small number of objections - just 16 on an estate with more than 2000 residents - was a testament to the success of the approach.