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A study of urban intensification in outer London

The Supurbia project is a collaboration led by Ben Derbyshire, Managing Partner of HTA Design and Richard Blakeway, the Deputy Mayor for Housing, Land and Property at the GLA, working with members of HTA’s team and others.

The study aims to identify how urban intensification of suburban London might contribute to an increase in housing supply, promote economic activity, improve local service provision, reduce congestion, improve the quality of life, the choices available and sustainability in the suburbs of the outer Boroughs.

The objective of the Supurbia project is to build on the inherent quality of the suburbs (individual homes on their own plots with easy access to public and private open space set in a verdant environment) with a set of policies targeted at meeting popular aspirations. The underlying premise being that by offering people choices that are currently denied them, a notoriously static situation might be transformed into a dynamic one.

The project will explore how a programme of urban intensification might trigger changes resulting over time in a much improved fit of population in accommodation; more sustainable, efficient and affordable. Suburban London has huge potential resources that cannot be ignored if we are to deliver a supply of affordable housing in a sustainable environment for Londoners. We hope to tackle the resistance to change that is inherent in suburban areas with an alluring portrayal of future possibilities.

BBC Home Editor Mark Easton recently commented on the project and can be read in full here