Chanette Alveranga

Receptionist/Office Assistant


Chanette started working at HTA in 2015 as HTA’s front of house staff member: meeting, greeting clients and Consultants.

Her role duly involves coordinating and facilitating HTA’s client meetings and events. She also keeps the HTA database of contacts up to date at all times. Her role as an Office Assistant involves working and assisting the premises manager in regards to the office needs on a day to day basis ensuring the smooth running of the practice.

Chanette also assists the various different multi-disciplinary teams in HTA with their daily activities.

Working at HTA has helped Chanette develop her exposure to the creative industry and various different operations such as office matters, client relations and organisational skills. Interacting and building relationships with people of all calibres is Chanette’s strong point.

Chanette previously worked for the hotel company Premier Inn for few a years prior to HTA. By taking her hotel front of house skills/duties to HTA, her experience in the creative industry has expanded by working in a multi-disciplinary design consultancy. She has developed her skills by working alongside professionals in a busy open working office environment leading Chanette to adopting the HTA family and creative culture.

She is currently working closely with HTA’s Marketing department to ensure HTA’s in house publications are sent to the relevant members of the wider industry for promotion.