Chiara Fratter

Sustainability Consultant

BArch, MSC Sustainable Environmental Design, MSc Sustainable Construction Processes (Polytechnic Institute of Milan, I.U.A.V - Venice)

Chiara joined HTA in May 2016. She is a Sustainability Consultant with an architectural and academia background.

Her main activities at HTA include energy assessments (SAP, SBEM/DSM calculations), renewable feasibility studies, daylighting, sunlight, overheating and microclimate wind analysis for domestic and non-domestic developments.

Chiara is also responsible for the ISO14001 EMS Environmental management system standard, which allows HTA to control its environmental impacts and continually improve its environmental performance.

Prior to joining HTA, Chiara worked as researcher based at the Low Carbon Building Group at Oxford Brookes University. Chiara contributed at several UK research projects funded by both UK and EU research councils. She was involved in EVALOC (Evaluating the impact, effectiveness and success of Low Carbon Communities on localised energy behaviours) and in Project ERIC: re-energising communities projects, where she covered several areas of analysis including householder interviews, domestic energy analysis and environmental analysis.

Chiara has experience in energy surveying through approaches such as Building Performance Evaluation (BPE), physical monitoring of energy use, assessments of innovative and Low-Zero carbon technologies through dynamic simulation and assessments of indoor conditions (temperature, relative humidity and CO2 levels) such as overheating analysis. She has also undertaken energy behavioural and electricity end-uses analysis. Her work has been in both domestic and non-domestic buildings.

She holds an MSc in sustainability Environmental Design (Hon) from I.U.A.V in Venice. Previously she achieved an MSc and BArch in Sustainable Architecture Design from the Polytechnic Institute of Milan where her dissertation was on Life Cycle Assessment. Before move in UK, Chiara worked as an architect on architectural and executive design of residential and school buildings in few firms in North Italy.

Since joining HTA, Chiara has been involved in developing  energy assessments, daylighting and sunlight analysis for a wide variety of domestic schemes and bids, which includes Ealing Garage, Barnet Small sites and Ravensbury Estate. Chiara has also worked on certifying the sustainability of the Merton Regeneration Project, a large scale development, using the BREEAM Communities standard. She has recently completed the wind environment analysis as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment for Gypsy Corner which is a new residential tower.

Chiara is currently working on microclimate wind assessments applied to tall buildings and overheating analysis for current and future climate conditions using IES-VE software for small and large scale schemes. Additionally, Chiara is keen to use her previous experience of energy performance gap and BPE studies to introduce and develop Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) studies as a standard part of HTA practice.