Connor Gannucci

Assistant Technologist

Honours Degree in Architectural Technology

Connor joined HTA in November 2016 as an Assistant Technologist, helping with the transition from Autocad to Revit for the working drawings stages of Greenford Green, specifically Block 5, a 379-apartment PRS block.

Prior to HTA, Connor was an Assistant Technologist at Barton Willmore. He joined Barton Willmore’s Edinburgh office in 2016 for a full time 5-month work placement in-between terms at University. He worked alongside Architects, Urban Designers and Town Planners on a numerous collection of projects all over Scotland, varying from specific detailed drawings to mass scaled housing developments. Primarily working on CAD and Revit, helping with the BIM aspects of projects.

Connor has worked on the following significant projects:

Muirton Park, Perth - This development provides 203 new dwellings. It is the final phase of a wider regeneration project to provide over 420 new dwellings in the area.  Using CAD + Revit, he participated in the floor plans of each home, as well as the overall layout of the site.

Pennywell, Edinburgh - phase 1 + 2 - Pennywell is a residential urban regeneration project comprising 719 mixed tenure houses and flats. The dwellings provide significant reductions in energy consumption through provision of enhanced building envelope design, including airtightness, insulation values and thermal bridging details. Using CAD, he participated in the floor plans of each home and the set out within the site.

St. Andrews, Abbey Park - Student Accommodation – Worked on the drawings and floor plans for all of the accommodation design options as well as creating the surrounding location plan in 3D on Revit.

Connor is currently working on block 5 of the Greenford project by using Revit to create the Stage 3 drawings whilst incorporating BIM.