Craig Jones Rowley

Chef/Catering manager

City & Guilds 706 1 & 2 - ILM Level 2 in management- / Intermediate food hygiene certificate, Food and nutrition level 1

Craig’s job role is working as a Chef /Catering manager creating a variety of healthy and nutritional meals each day for the staff and clients to eat at lunch. Craig loves creating and experimenting with foods to see which new recipes go well or not so well with the office team.

Craig has been in the catering industry since leaving school in 1987.

He has worked in various hospitality and catering establishments, which has helped him build his catering portfolio of knowledge. He believes in creating food dishes using fresh ingredients and is very keen on working with clients to create a nutritional, healthy, and balanced variety of food.

Over the many years working as a Chef & Head Chef, Craig has achieved various awards in the private catering sector. These include; ‘Healthy Living Award’, ‘Food for the Brain’, & ‘Food for Life’. He has a keen eye for detail and loves creating new dishes whilst also aiming to create food to suit all taste buds in our ever-developing food market.

Craig keeps up to date with current food trends to help further develop his catering skills and knowledge, which enables him to meet various customer demands. The food industry has always been a popular one, and it is ever changing. Craig believes that it is important that chefs keep developing themselves, creating new and exciting recipes to remain contemporary and fresh in a market which is always evolving.