Jonathon Heyes

Graduate Landscape Architect

Architecture (BA Hons)

Jonathon is currently working part-time whilst studying at the Manchester School of Architecture. He has worked in Manchester since 2015, where he joined after working for a year with the Landscape Team at HTA’s London office.

 He studied previously at Liverpool John Moores University, with a first-class degree exploring realms of urban transport and infrastructure, cinematography, and sustainable landscapes. He is currently working in the atelier Infrastructure Space, exploring the influence of digital mobility on urban and rural space.

Jonathon's interest in landscape developed during a stage working in domestic landscape gardening during summer holidays, which developed into a landscape project in university, 'In Flight': a sustainable urban park, and sanctuary for taxidermy birds, creating a habitat for wildlife reintroduced into the urban fabric. 

He had previously worked for Lovelock Mitchell Architects as an Architectural Assistant in Chester, where he refined his physical modelmaking skills, and became proficient in Revit.

Jonathon has worked on a number of projects from bids, feasibility studies and design, to detailed work, including Savoy Circus in Acton, Castleward in Derby, and Graylingwell. He largely worked on the first development site of the Aylesbury estate in London, where he worked in detailed design coordinated in Revit.

He also worked on a number landscape projects, alongside both internal and external teams. These include South Quay Plaza in Canary Wharf, Mulberry Park in Bath, Project Light in Canada Water, and many more. This included producing conceptual imagery for bid documents; using his strengths in hand sketching and computer imagery, as well as detailed design, developing the use of BIM for landscape within the practice.

Jonathon is currently working on the detailed drawings for First Development Site 2 of the Aylesbury Regeneration, and managing the Revit model for Kidbrooke Phase 2 alongside the landscape team.