Manon Wettstein

Architectural Assistant (Part II)

Master degree in architecture

Since Manon began working at HTA in May 2016, she has worked on several projects at planning stage, including Gypsy Corner, Parkhouse Street, Dollis Valley Phase 3 and Camberwell Union.

Manon graduated from La Cambre Horta school of architecture in Brussels.

Her final thesis project focused on new ways to organize the territory with regards to agriculture and breeding as well as to favor existing ecosystems.

Prior to working at HTA, Manon worked on the consultation for the Grand Paris as part of the Christian de Portzamparc office.

She enjoyed studying national urban theories and worked on new living conditions in the rhizome metropole in Paris.

Manon worked for the charity Green Building Council Peru where she learnt how to improve the sustainability of the built environment, by transforming the way it is planned, designed, constructed, maintained and operated.

Since joining HTA, Manon had worked on a variety of significant projects including:

Dollis Valley - HTA and Alison Brooks’ masterplan for Dollis Valley Estate Regeneration delivers 631 mixed tenure homes. Manon worked on the third phase of this masterplan as part of the small design team.

Parkhouse Street - Manon assists the project architect on this project. 33 units, creative commercial and a new green link offering a new entrance to Burgess Park, Manon enjoyed to work on the regeneration plan of this small site in front of the park.

Camberwell Union - Manon was involved with the design development of 305 new homes nearby Burgess Park during the planning process.

Manon is currently working on a very exciting project on the Isle of Dogs - the project is both challenging and complex due to the growing high rise environment and the willingness to deliver an exemplary project. She is a part of the design team who work to deliver planning permission for hundreds of homes.

Manon is also in charge of organising social events for her team.