Natalia Gracheva

Architectural Assistant Part 1

Meng Structural Engineering and Architecture (The University of Sheffield, 2017)

Natalia joined in October 2017 as an Architectural Assistant Part 1 and is currently in the team working on Greenford Green.

Before joining HTA, Natalia worked as an Interior Design Assistant at Peter Mikic Interiors in London and as a Structural Engineer Assistant at the Design Studio in the University of Sheffield (June - August 2015). Prior to that Natalia volunteered as a teacher in women’s shelter in Mauritius in summer 2014.

During her placements Natalia was in charge of designing and drawing out project elements. Her special achievement is the design of the modules of 2-pinned and 3-pinned wooden Bridge that is now built in scale and is used for student exhibitions in the University of Sheffield.

At HTA Natalia is assisting the team who is responsible for delivering the techinal drawing package of the Greenford Green.