Nikos Charalambous

Senior Architect

Nikos joined HTA to assist with the coordination of construction packages for Gabriel Square and then was the project leader for Cheshunt School Residential Development. He is working in projects from feasibility to construction and completion. He is an RIBA accredited Principal Designer with extensive knowledge of the CDM regulations 2015.

Nikos has a 20+ years’ experience in architecture and construction and has worked for small practices specialising in high end residential, retail and higher education projects. With Surface Architects, Nikos was the project architect for the Queen Mary University Lockeepers Cottage (RIBA award 2005-shortlisted for Stephen Lawrence Award) and the Birbeck Film Studies remodelling (RIBA Award 2006). From 2007 to 2009 Nikos worked at BDP with his main project being the Newbury Parkway project.

Significant projects worked on include:

Croydon-Senior Architect

Gabriel Square- Senior Architect

Ealing Garages- Senior Architect

Ravensbury Park-Senior Architect- Principal Designer

56 Longbridge- Senior Architect

Foxhill Regeneration –Principal Designer

Craigievar House remedial work –Principal Designer

Current projects working on (Specify your role on the project):

Cheshunt School Residential Development- Project Leader

Dalmeny Avenue- Senior Architect & Principal Designer

Anthony and Roderick House-Senior Architect