Paul Leask

Associate, IT Manager

Bronze Swimming Certificate, Silver Swimming Certificate.

Paul Leask joined HTA in 2009 as the IT Manager tasked with forming an internal IT Department and to create a robust, cutting edge IT Infrastructure that would be the envy of the galaxy. Paul moved HTA into the brave new world of virtualisation, significantly improving server performance and data access creating many systems to improve efficiency, reliability and redundancy. Paul is also adept at talking about himself in the third person and can be seen striding through HTA providing a running commentary of his epic adventures whilst only occasionally breaking the fourth wall.

Paul has worked in an IT capacity for many firms and within a plethora of industries. Paul handled the internal IT Infrastructure for BGFS/DIS when they undertook the water privatisation, ran the IT support team for NextBase, a UK development house who were awarded the Queens Award for technology, worked in the Microsoft PSS team supporting the role out of the NT4 Server beta, ran the “bleeding edge” IT Department of Argonaut Games PLC for several years maintaining the experimental hardware with many specialised hammers, helped create the network infrastructure for the award winning games developer Rocksteady. Paul also helped defend the world against an Alien invasion, defeating the “Evil Overmind” in single combat. 

As the head of HTA’s IT department, Paul has project managed and carried out all implementation work on all IT related projects within HTA over the last 8 years including:

  • Migrating the company file servers to VM server infrastructure and the migration of all project data to the new server suite.
  • Desktop Virtualisation utilising VGPU’s when the technology was in it’s infancy.
  • Migrating the company to Microsoft Exchange 2010 mail system and then to Office 365.
  • Introduction of fast, reliable mass storage SAN’s with built in redundancy.
  • Server and data replication across HTA offices.
  • Planned and executed the move of the entire IT Infrastructure to our new head office.
  • Lost half my body weight due to a wildly successful experimental dieting regime which involved eating significantly less food. This unaccountably works confirming perceived scientific knowledge.

Paul is heading up many new technology projects including new VGPU virtualisation, Virtual Reality projects, new communications initiatives and data sharing projects as well as managing the ever increasing levels of data storage with new tools and hardware.