Scott Adams

Senior Associate, Senior Designer

BPS Arch (Hons) MUD (Dist) MArach (Dist)

Scott is a Senior Associate at HTA. He joined the firm in 2014, bringing his expertise on large scale urban design, strategic planning and regeneration projects. His role is often focused on early stages of pre-planning and bid stage projects, where he excels in developing a place narrative for a site and its wider context.

Prior to joining HTA, Scott has led significant public and private sector roles. With two colleagues, Scott co-founded Urban Design Skills in 2007, an award-winning central London practice where he led the development of best practice urban design policy and guidance; contributed to nationally-significant design training programmes; and developed a range of city and town scale visions and public realm-led masterplans. Following the award of the Australian Government’s prestigious Endeavour Executive Fellowship, Scott led the overall vision for Fisherman’s bend, Melbourne’s new city centre, whilst working for the City of Melbourne’s City Design division between 2012 and 2014. 

Scott has contributed a number of significant projects at HTA. He led the overall urban design and masterplanning for the successful Rochester Riverside bid. The project was recently submitted for Planning permission, building on the overall urban structure Scott developed to reconnect the historic town centre with its riverfront. The proposal will deliver 1400 new homes with a range of mixed commercial, community and educational uses set within a network of urban spaces. 



He has also contributed to the overall concept, layout and underlying principles for the Camberwell Creative Quarter. The project re-purposes a defunct industrial estate into a vibrant mixed use quarter aiming to foster small scale creative businesses whilst also acting as a catalyst for adjacent regeneration. The project will also deliver 400 new homes.

Scott currently contributes to a wide range of projects, where he works collaboratively on larger scale bids, regeneration projects, urban extensions and smaller scale capacity studies.  

He is currently looking at how Corporation Street in Rochester can be transformed from a through route to a place that seamlessly connects the town centre with Rochester Riverside; a study to redevelop a range of tower blocks in Gosport into a medium rise, street-based development that connects a historic square with the high street whilst also celebrating the waterfront; early designs for an urban extension for approximately 100 homes near High Wycombe with a range of innovative housing typologies for site with strong topography and sensitive natural setting; and a panel bid for a high profile site in Stratford forming the wider place development of the Olympic Park.