Soreen Billbas


BA(Hons), MArch

Soreen joined HTA in November 2017 as an Architect and is currently working on 101 George Street.

Before joining HTA, Soreen worked for PLP, HWO and Buttress Architects. He has worked in a variety of sectors covering heritage, residential and education. He has worked as Project Lead on small domestic projects to large scale masterplans on all stages.

Prior to that, as part of a student collective he was Project Lead for Erbil Elementary, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, a school for orphaned children where he delivered up until planning. This opportunity led him to undertake his Masters design thesis in Erbil, one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world and was nominated for the 2014 RIBA Presidents Medals.

At HTA, Soreen is part of the team working on George Street Towers, which will be the world’s tallest structures to have been built off-site using modular construction. He is helping the team coordinate the technical delivery working closely with all associated stakeholders.

He is also Project Architect for a rooftop off-site manufacture student accommodation extension comprising of 60 bedrooms. The project has received positive pre-application comments and is currently being steered for planning approval.

Soreen takes a keen interest in Project Management with a particular interest in Design management, applying these skills to existing and future projects.