Suzanne Priestley

Architectural Assistant Part II

MArch, MA Hons

Since joining HTA’s Edinburgh office in May 2016, Suzanne has worked on a number of residential schemes with a focus on the private rental sector. Most significantly Suzanne has been working on the Greenford Green project in Ealing where she has contributed to both the planning and stage 3 submissions.

Other key projects Suzanne has been involved in are the Finchley Police Station, Winstanley Road and Castleward in Derby. Currently, she is a full-time team member on the Castleward project, producing working drawings as the project progresses through stage four and onto site. 

Prior to joining HTA Suzanne completed both her undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the University of Edinburgh, graduating with distinction. Her thesis project, The Paphos Gate Redux, has since been awarded the A+DS and RIAS Urban Design Student Award. In addition, her postgraduate project was also awarded the Purchase Prize, where part of her work was added to the University of Edinburgh’s Art Collection for further exhibition.

Suzanne previously worked as a Part 1 Architectural Assistant at B+O Architecten in the Netherlands where she gained experience on large-scale residential developments as well as on projects in the retail and healthcare sectors. 

During this period Suzanne worked on projects such as a 20-year master plan for the regeneration of the local hospital in Meppel, which included the development of a dementia care facility. In addition, she participated in work for clients such as Zara and H&M, on projects across the Netherlands.

During her undergraduate studies Suzanne also participated in the ICT classrooms project, which aimed to develop container classrooms for rural areas in both Nigeria and Ghana. Working in close collaboration with the charity Learning Planet and computer developer Aleutia, the project sought to bring ICT facilities to rural communities in a way that would be easily transported and assembled on site. 

Significant projects Suzanne has worked on include:

  • Greenford Green
  • Castleward
  • Finchley Police Station
  • Winstanley

Currently, Suzanne is working on:

  • Catleward, Derby
  • Finchley Police Station