Holloway road, Chapter Highbury II Picture 1

Holloway road, Chapter Highbury II

Optimising all the benefits of precision manufactured modular construction, this project is a showcase in how better modes of building can unlock constrained and previously unviable sites to deliver fantastic living space for Londoners. Sandwiched between the busy artery of Holloway Road, the Piccadilly line and Hornsey Road this part 9 and part 13 storey building located at the junction of Holloway Road and Hornsey Street, adjacent to Holloway Road tube Station provides home for 257 students with associated common spaces and amenities. Developed from an earlier designed by CZWG the concept was further developed by HTA working with Tide Construction using their Vision Modular System to deliver the scheme from redesign to completion in less than 15 months.

The time on site was just in 9 months, demonstrating the world leading construction technology being used to address London’s housing needs. The efficiency of Tide Constructions and Vision Modular was able to unlock a site which had sat with an unrealised planning permission for 5 years, their efficient modular system allowing an additional floor within the permitted height and an overall increase of 11% in the number of student rooms. The project demonstrates the potential which comes from successful partnerships as the sixth project completed by the team of Tide and HTA with a total of over 2,500 homes now delivered and a further 1,000 homes on site or in planning.


The design springs from the context of a rapidly developing high street with echoes of the beautiful arches of the Grade I listed Holloway Road Tube station, with three columns that curve gracefully at their top to form the tower elevation and the use of glazed corium tiles in a vertical bond that mimic the faience work of the station. To Hornsey Street the building matches the brickwork of the recently completed Stapleton House opposite which in turn references the wide use of London Stock brick across Islington.

The factory manufactured nature of Chapter Highbury II allows for a more diverse and inclusive workforce to contribute to London’s growth. Unlike traditional construction sites the factory allows its employees a consistent location of work, a safe work environment, flexible working hours and a range of facilities. This has a wide range of benefits for London including a 90% reduction in site waste and 60% reduction in vehicle movements associated with construction. Creating student accommodation in such a sustainable location allows our Universities to attract the best students from around the world, sustaining our future cultural, academic and economic success.

Location: Holloway Road, Islington

Accommodation: 257 new homes

Tenure: Student Accomodation

Start Date: 2017

Completion Date: 2018

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