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Our proposal unlocks inaccessible transport corridors whilst retaining their active use as an essential transport network.  A new green infrastructure network will extend across the entire city, opening up walking and cycling routes along established major lines of movement. It will link communities, parks, transport hubs and create new development potential; linking central London transport hubs with London’s parks and open spaces with green linear parks built over, under and beside railway lines.

These extensive Green Infrastructure networks will contribute hundreds of hectares of parkland, amenity, biodiversity, developable land and value to the neighbourhoods radiating from Central London. This provides the unique opportunity to travel from central to suburban London along continuous linear parks boosting connectivity, liveability and healthy lifestyles.

Our illustration shows one example of how this could be achieved - how Hampstead Heath could be connected with St Pancras along the rail network by creating a platform over the railway in cutting until Camden and along disused sidings beyond this to the southern tip of Hampstead heath.

Development opportunities will be  created on formally inaccessible or degraded land which now benefits from the improved aspect of green infrastructure and the opportunity to be minutes away from central London along a green parkway.

The strategic approach to maximising valuable land will benefit all; landowners, railway infrastructure freeholders as well as local communities and London's reputation as a green city of the 21st Century.

Location: London

Start Date: 2012

Completion Date: 2012

Services Provided

Green Infrastructure, Visioning and Masterplanning

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