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Long Beach, Suzhou, China

Suzhou is an historic city in China which is famous for its ancient canals, bridges and traditional Chinese gardens. The site is located at the Long Beach Holiday Scene District in Suzhou. It is
south-orientated and surrounded by water on three sides and has been designated for first class residential use.

Our vision for Long Beach is that of the modern village in the form of a series of distinctive development character areas separated by water, which has all the positive aspects of a traditional village in Suzhou. To create such a place, our scheme focused on three experiences:

Intimacy – creating spaces and buildings which have a human scale and protect us from the elements;

Interfacing – focusing on the edges of spaces and the creation of thresholds to create places which are clearly private, public, special and safe;

Interest – capitalising on the proximity of the Lake and integrating water closely with the landscape design to create vistas and movement through sequences of space.

This unique modern water village will be a slow paced, relaxing place with a high street, village green and community facilities for all to share and enjoy. It will transport those who live in the busy city to a new world, away from the fast lane of modern life, where visitors can take pleasure in the journey, delight at new vistas and the changing of the seasons. 


Location: China

Accommodation: 1,400 new homes, commercial and leisure

Tenure: Private for sale

Start Date: 2003

Completion Date: 2007

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