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Oak Grove, Camden

The site is located on Oak Grove, set back parallel to Cricklewood Broadway, in the northwest corner of the London Borough of Camden, on its boundaries with the London Boroughs of Barnet (to the north) and Brent (to the west). The site benefits from good public transport accessibility. The surrounding area is predominantly of residential nature with shops and businesses located along Cricklewood Broadway and Cricklewood Lane.

Oak Grove accommodates 13 one bedroom Pocket flats and 4 market sale one bedroom flats.

The ground floor comprises of the entrance area as well as five flats. Bin storage and plant rooms are located to the front of the building, easily accessible for collection / servicing but discretely positioned to ensure that they do not negatively impact on the arrival experience. Secure cycle parking is provided in the rear area, with one space provided per flat. 



The first and second floor accommodates six flats each along a communal corridor. On a typical floor, six flats are arranged along a central corridor. Three standard Pocket one bed flats looks out towards Oak Grove and the two Pocket flats face towards the communal gardens and the railway line beyond. Each home is the result of Pocket's extensive period of prototyping and testing to deliver a practical home within as economic a footprint as possible.

The design is the subject of a continuous feedback loop with each new development. One of the most important attributes in a home this size is balancing the principle living spaces to service zones such as bathrooms and kitchens. As can be seen from the plan a smaller kitchen with independent washing machine space and a shower room off the hall allow these important spaces to be maximised.  Similarly storage has been carefully considered and built-in storage both off the hall and in the bedroom allows everything to be easily accommodated.





Location: Camden, London

Client: Pocket Living

Accommodation: 17 new homes

Tenure: Affordable and Private sale

Start Date: 2013

Completion Date: 2015

Services Provided

Detailed Design, Production information, Residential

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