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Officers Field

Officers Field in Weymouth is an HCA site won through competition by HTA with ZeroC Developments. ZeroC has had to be highly innovative in order to achieve relatively low build costs and deliver distinctive homes that represent exceptional value for money.

Delivered to a very high design and construction quality, it provides large, family, accommodation in a medium density yet manages to exude an overwhelming sense of space and place through clever planning, intricate integration with a difficult hillside terrain, the use of landscape and house typologies to deal with changing levels, imaginative parking solutions, and ample provision of public open and private space. The stunning residential development is comprised of 77 highly contemporary and sustainable 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes each with access to private and shared open space. 

The homes provide a modern take on traditional family homes in a variety of terraced, semi and detached types and make good use of the locally sourced quality Portland stone. The development was leased to the 2012 Olympic Games to be used as accommodation for the Olympic and Paralympic Sailing Village until September 2012.

The homes achieve level 4 of the Code for Sustainable homes, and are designed to deliver much needed family accommodation in Portland. They incorporate biomass district heating, wood pellet stoves and rainwater harvesting, as well as bicycle storage, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and high performance windows suitable to the coastal location.

Location: Officers Field, Weymouth

Client: ZeroC

Accommodation: 77 new homes

Start Date: 2008

Completion Date: 2012

Services Provided

Branding, Detailed Design, Detailed Design & Documentation, Housing, Housing layouts, Masterplanning, Production information, Residential, Sales and marketing collateral, Waterfront, Website design

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