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Phoenix City, Suzhou, China

With China in a new era of powerful economic growth, Suzhou Industrial Park is set to become the ‘Silicon Valley’ of China. In Suzhou Industrial Park, Phoenix City will provide 10,000 homes for the men and women who lead and manage this economic miracle.

Current typical Chinese developments reflect European practice in the 1960s, to arrange apartments in repetitive high rise slabs and towers set in a park-like environment. Our design is radically different from the typical Chinese masterplan layouts, with low, medium and high-rise flats available in all parts of the development alongside the river.

The innovative blocks are oriented to: create efficient site use whilst retaining existing waterways; maximise sunlight penetration; provide wind sheltered semi-private areas; minimise the height of the buildings; provide a ‘streetscape’ and definable and useable public open spaces; allow for easy access through the site with a clear hierarchy of roads, streets, lanes and courtyards.

It generates a variety of homes – townhouses, garden flats, apartments and penthouses and, round its perimeter, a network of streets. A variety of streets can be arranged in linear and off-set relationships, thus forming distinctive places. This hierarchy of open spaces promotes natural surveillance and enhances security.

Our masterplan enables a rich and diverse community by providing a range of home types to meet the expectation for greater diversity in the future. Residents enjoy the convenience of being able to meet their everyday needs with shops, cafes and services on their doorstep. A community starts to grow and flourish and the neighbourhood becomes safer and more friendly.

Location: Suzhou

Accommodation: 10,000 homes and commercial centre

Tenure: Private for sale

Start Date: 2003

Completion Date: 2008