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Waigang, Shanghai, China

Shanghai International Auto City has become one of the major car manufacturing bases for the booming China auto market. This 64-hectare flagship development in the Auto City, which is only 2.5km away from Shanghai International Circuit, has been envisioned to be a sustainable place which will attract people to work and live in and enjoy.

Our masterplanning approach is all about encouraging interaction. We believe that interaction is the key to successful places. Our scheme has focused on creating the movement network which provides the circulation routes for the life blood of sustainable places; places of interaction are the beating heart which keeps the blood circulating.

We create strong links with the movement network within the site and to the magnets outside. Within the site, we have designed a street network which creates a permeable movement network across the scheme while also creating a number of different spatial experiences via different street types. We have also designed neighbourghoods where every boulevard, street, lane or mews provides a delightful, familiar and secure environment for people to live.

Our scheme capitalizes on the proximity of the canal to the neighbourhood centre and squares to create exciting and pleasant places which will encourage visitors and residents to partake of the facilities. In our vision of Auto City, every corner of every street or square will reveal a prospect to delight in.

The masterplan demonstrates how our Placemaking approach can create a unique and sustainable place where people will want to be - even in a city built in the countryside to create cars.

Location: Shanghai

Accommodation: 4,500 homes

Tenure: Private for sale

Start Date: 2004

Completion Date: 2008