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Waterport Terraces, Gibraltar

This is the first and largest project in an ambitious initiative to design and deliver high-density housing across a number of sites in Gibraltar. The design was developed in close collaboration with a number of Government departments to maximize the accommodation on the site, whilst responding to the many constraining uses surrounding the site including an international airport runway and existing road and power infrastructure. The design was developed in close discussion with members of the Government’s Technical Department to ensure that the buildings were able to withstand the harsh marine climate and avoid the significant quality problems experienced with recent Government schemes.

The project demonstrates that high density housing can deliver high quality places. The homes are spacious and well designed to ensure cross ventilation to cope with the hot summers and humid ‘Laventer’ conditions heavy rainfall particular to the Gibraltar microclimate. The buildings are arranged to form streets and squares with landscaped areas incorporating planting, seating and play spaces, above covered parking. The project demonstrates adapting housing design solutions and placemaking skills to create popular homes within different cultural contexts and in diverse climatic conditions.

Working with one of Spain’s largest contractors under JCT98 contract, HTA has been appointed Project Manager and Contract Administrator alongside British Engineers and Quantity Surveyors. The use of a traditional style contract ensured the quality of design and maintained a high level of cost control within the client’s budget.

The quality of design brought to the scheme by HTA’s involvement ensures that visitors who arrive in Gibraltar by air, sea or via Spain to the north will recognise this as a key project in Gibraltar’s architectural

Location: Gibraltar

Client: Govt of Gibraltar

Accommodation: 362 new flats, 34 maisonettes, 140 flats for Senior Citizens, an additional 2,200 sqm of ground floor retail space

Start Date: 2003

Completion Date: 2011

Services Provided

Detailed Design, Mixed Use, Residential, Waterfront