Winstanley Show flat design competition

5 Dec 2023

HTA Design, in collaboration with Wandsworth Council, has completed an exciting interior design competition for young people. Offering the opportunity to learn and get hands on experience in industry by designing and delivering a show flat in Mitchell House as part of Winstanley and York Road Regeneration.

As part of the council’s commitment to genuine engagement with residents, proposals were made to provide a ‘show home’ which would allow future residents to view a typical new flat. The competition was structured as a live project, enabling participants to gain real world experience designing and pitching their interior design proposals for the flat. HTA Interiors team worked closely with the participants for over a year, helping them respond to a set brief and budget and produce a design based on their ideas.

The competition winner, Ricky Le, has been able to see his design brought to life in the Mitchell House show flat. The 126 families who will be moving in to Block 5 will meet with the Council in Ricky’s show flat to see the potential of their new homes which will be completed in early 2024. Ricky impressed the judges with his creativity and outstanding design concept.

Lucy Smith, Partner at HTA said:
“We have been working with young people for over a year training them to be interior designers. Ricky’s design was outstanding. He is so creative, and you can see through the flat bits of artwork that he has created himself and how he kept true to his original concept of vintage maximalism.”