Altered Estates 2 Launch Event

15 Jul 2022

HTA, Levitt Bernstein, Pollard Thomas Edwards & PRP recently launched Altered Estates 2, a report which illuminates the new & continuing challenges to successful estate regeneration in the UK.

Our panel discussion at Pollard Thomas Edwards’ lovely studio on a summer’s evening was spent examining our recommendations from the report with presentations from each practice. We’ve arranged this report around six key themes covering crucial aspects of estate regeneration where there have been significant changes of emphasis and direction since we published the original report in 2016:

  • Planning for social value
  • Building community support
  • Supporting lifetime neighbourhoods
  • Giving pride to place
  • Addressing climate change
  • Delivering responsible regeneration

We had a variety of clients & collaborators in attendance resulting in an engaging discussion and great networking. The speakers openly discussed the key challenges around client uptake of POE, ballots, inclusive engagement, and the importance of achieving net zero.

Link to full report