Brambling House completes

21 Feb 2024

HTA worked as part of a collaborative team  alongside @hawkins_brown @fisherchengarchitects and @urbanprojectsbureau to design Brambling House, the first block in the Meridian One development, part of @enfield_council’s ambitious @meridian_water development.

Brambling House was designed by Urban Projects Bureau under the guidance of Hawkins\Brown, with HTA’s team overseeing delivery. The building includes 20 residential homes, all of which are accessible, affordable and are designed to meet London Energy Transfer Initiative standards for sustainable, carbon zero development. HTA took over at Stage 3 to realise the vision for the block, adapting the design through coordination with technical consultants to produce the construction information.

Brambling House has an unique sloping feature, designed with intense detailing was required to make the complex geometry and junctions a success. The super structure is concrete frame construction, with a masonry facing fixed onto angles and tied back to the structure. The roof is wrapped in zinc standing seam cladding, selected for its ability to weather well. Aluminium panels make up the balcony soffit.


The roof was designed to fit within a strict height parameter to minimise the impact on nearby two-storey properties. The building transitions from four storeys to the east to three storeys to the west. To get more from this transition, the design of the top floor incorporates private balconies within the volume of the sloping roof to the west. This presented a great opportunity to celebrate long views and maximise light penetration in the new homes. Top-floor maisonettes now benefit from flat level access to the outdoors.