Bringing Nature Home

24 Jan 2024

Welcome to Bringing Nature Home.

We want to sow the seeds of a resource that could become the go-to place for anyone with information needs or knowledge to share about the crisis of our collapsing biosphere, equipping us all better to reverse the decline before it is too late.

We are open for contributions from anyone willing to share practical tips, key contact information, campaigns, volunteer activity or inspiring examples of success in creating or enriching biodiversity. We hope you enjoy our diverse range of blog posts, videos, and advertising for events.

We launch as Sir David Attenborough has warned the leaders of the G7 nations of the need to step up in the fight for nature and against poisoning and wasting the natural environment, and we build up to COP26 in Glasgow this November

We hope you will join us in creating a network that can play a part in transforming our work in designing, building and maintaining the built environment, and the neighbourhoods in which we live in particular, so that we can restore the damage done to nature before it is too late.