Makery Make x Hackney Herbal

1 Jun 2023

HTA hosted a Makery Make session in collaboration with Hackney Herbal: a garden based social enterprise that promotes wellbeing by connecting people with herbs through creative nature based activities. Starting right on our doorstep in Hackney Wick, Hackney Herbal are passionate about delivering educational workshops designed to share knowledge and inspire people about the extensive uses of herbs.

During the Herbal Tea Blending workshop, we learned the healing properties of herbs, the health benefits, and histories of mixing common and lesser-known herbs. The Makery Make explored a number of culinary, medicinal and wild herbs and how to combine them into herbal tea blends. As part of the session, HTA staff made a set of herbal tea bags to take home.

Our Makery Make sessions are always an excellent way for our staff to unwind and meet new people from different disciplines while improving their mental health, happiness, and well-being at HTA.