Planning Permission Granted for Chapel Place

12 Dec 2022

The impact of the Chapel Place scheme will be transformative and, supported by the nearby cross-rail link, represents a large and important contribution to growth in Ilford as envisioned by LB Redbridge in its development prospectus.

The 2 hectare site, currently occupied by a Sainsburys store and parking, has a rich heritage as the site of the Britannica Works factory for Ilford photographic film. The pioneering work by the company in the early days of plate photography went on to establish Ilford Limited as one of the oldest and best known names in photographic film across the world. The design draws on this history to lend names to the key public realm spaces and revives the story of the site in wayfinding and interpretation points throughout the landscaping and public realm. The historic factory complex also had a central park space at the heart of the site, a feature replicated in the new scheme.

The new central public space will provide an opportunity for all Ilford residents and visitors to relax, linger and dwell, a feature not found at such scale elsewhere in Ilford. The space forms part of a network of new public realm spaces and routes totalling over 6800 sqm that permeate the site and open it up to the residential neighbourhoods to the south and town centre to the north.

Chapel Place will comprise seven buildings ranging from 2 storeys in the south to 36 storeys towards the north. The new homes are a mix of Build to Rent, London Affordable Rent and Intermediate tenures and deliver 35% affordable homes. The landscaped ground floor, podiums and roof terraces provide outdoor amenity and play space for all ages on site.

The scheme achieves a 60% reduction in carbon emissions, an improvement over the required 35% with a sitewide energy strategy that avoids combustible forms of energy and stands ready to connect to future district energy initiatives. A car free transport strategy promotes sustainable modes of transport and associated charging points.

The scheme will be enriched by a public arts strategy curated in consultation with the local community. Sainsbury’s will retain a prominent presence on site to serve the new and existing communities of Ilford.

Colin Ainger, Partner at HTA said “Thanks to the proactive and supportive guidance of the Planning department at Redbridge and the oversight of the skilled team at Telford Homes, this ambitious project can now move forward towards construction and delivery. It’s going to transform this end of the town centre once it’s finished and we can’t wait to see it come to fruition.”