Rowan Moore – Property: The Myth that Built the World

6 Mar 2024

Last week HTA Design played host to Rowan Moore and Kat Hanna in collaboration with @londonsociety1912 for an evening talk on Rowan’s latest book, Property: The Myth that Built the World.

Property delivers a critical eye to the property market in the UK. Questioning the value of a home ownership system that excludes sections of the population and probing the idea that a home is an investment.

Rowan gave a presentation on the research in his book, detailing the history of home ownership from the 16th century to present day and what solutions for the future might look like.

“Look at HSBC: I don’t see why, if you’re creative enough, you can’t make it into housing. You just might have to change what your idea of housing is.”

Questions from the floor centered around themes of the leasehold system and how we might build for speed and quality going forward.

A huge thank you to Rowan and Kat for creating such an interesting dicussion, and to The London Society for choosing HTA Design as a venue.

Photography: @chromaphotography_uk