South Quay Plaza has been shortlisted for The Pineapples Awards 2022 in the Public Space Category

5 May 2022

HTA Landscape has been working for the last seven years to design and deliver the public realm for South Quay Plaza to create a green oasis in the wider Isle of Dogs. The scheme consists of three of the tallest residential mixed-use towers in Europe at 68, 54 and 36 storeys, designed by Fosters + Partners and includes over 3 acres of the public realm and several amenity roof terraces. South Quay Plaza is a landscape and public realm led development. Small building footprints and vehicular servicing restricted to the basement enable an extensive publicly accessible open space at ground level.

Designed to the highest quality, this public realm will revitalise the dockside whilst offering a net contribution to biodiversity and significantly increasing the ecological value of the development. Offsetting the impressive height of the buildings, large scale trees with wildlife attracting planting have been carefully arranged to manage microclimate and create an attractive parkland atmosphere that changes with the seasons. In contrast to the densely developed surroundings, the new high-quality public realm will maximise amenity value, offering a range of recreation opportunities in the form of play, eating, strolling or resting to foster a thriving and vibrant public life at the base of the towers.

The third phase of South Quay Plaza has just been completed in the summer of 2021. This phase also includes the first part of the play trail with play boulders selected locally in Cornwall and public art with a poem etched onto the feature benches.