Women@HTA Manchester Networking Event

13 Jul 2022

HTA hosted our first ‘speed-dating’ style event in our Manchester office to bring senior female figures together from across each of our 4 studios to network, introduce themselves and share a bit about their careers and role at HTA. The event aimed to support HTA women, discuss key issues such as work-life balance, career satisfaction, and family life, and advise younger women starting their careers in architecture. Speaker included female partners from HTA – Caroline Dove, Lucy Smith, Riette Oosthuizen, Associate Partner Rhea Shepherd, and Senior Associate Elisabetta Li Destri Nicosia

Despite being organised by Women@HTA, we encouraged all genders to attend and engage with the discussion and topics. Feedback from all involved was extremely positive due to the striking honesty and openness at which the speakers presented their experiences .The capacity of the event to break down barriers between offices and seniority levels was achieved, with many staff members feeling more comfortable approaching speakers again via email and in-person in the future.

At HTA, we are dedicated to creating a supportive and healthy professional environment that nurtures talent, builds careers and fosters creativity, enjoyment, and satisfaction in our shared endeavour. Our Manchester studio recently hit 50% female representation and despite it being a relatively small office, we’re proud that HTA’s culture is evident with the office having a very tight-knit and friendly, community feel.

We aim to host many networking events in the future to support all staff members.