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Acton Gardens Phase 5

A tenure blind phase of HTA’s Acton Gardens Masterplan Estate regeneration with affordable and build to rent homes overlooking a biophilic courtyard


The fifth phase of Acton Gardens offers a mix of tenures, including affordable rent, shared ownership, private sale and Build to Rent. These homes are ‘tenure blind’, where architectural treatment and features are consistently high quality throughout the phase. There are 271 new homes across six buildings, ranging from 5-12 storeys. The urban perimeter block has been carefully configured to provide breaks in the buildings to maximise sunlight into the internal courtyard. This thoughtful approach enhances the living experience for residents whose views overlook the shared communal courtyard full of ample light and mature trees.

The maisonettes activate the ground floor by providing front doors to the street and private gardens to the rear. Two storey duplex pavilions articulate the top floors to create an attractive roofline atop articulated brick mansion blocks. Materials have been selected to complement or match with the previous masterplan development phases, including the use of a special brick type ‘Acton Blend’ that has been developed for the masterplan.

The project was praised for its design quality by Planning Officers and Committee Members.


acton gardens regeneration

How did HTA retain the existing mature trees?

A standard podium parking solution was negated by the provision of most of the new parking on-street, with some spaces provided within the communal courtyard. We therefore omitted the need for a concrete podium ‘deck’, with the subsequent ability to retain mature, existing trees that add significant amenity value for residents, ecological benefit and beauty to the site.

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estate regeneration existing trees

A landmark within the wider masterplan

A 12-storey feature building is located on the corner of the development closest to the Acton Underground Station to act as a ‘marker’ to the wider masterplan for locals and visitors alike. Its use of grey brick and large balconies, as well as its generous lobby space and overall height, effectively differentiates the building within the wider masterplan setting.

acton gardens estate regeneration landmark building
acton gardens estate regeneration internal
acton gardens estate regeneration landmark building external
acton gardens estate regeneration courtyard
acton gardens estate regeneration courtyard

Masterplanning & Urban Design

Landscape Design

internal courtyard acton gardens

The internal biophilic courtyard

The courtyard at Acton Gardens provides a beautiful, tranquil space for residents in the heart of this new neighbourhood. Views through generous openings in the blocks give an enticing and leafy impression of the landscape inside. It ensures the courtyard is filled with natural sunlight and fosters a sustainable and enriching environment for all residents.

A group of existing acacia trees provides instant maturity and appeal from the outset; their light foliage acts as a foil to the interior elevations and backdrop. A second group of trees is introduced to their south to frame a central lawn and create the feeling of a garden set in a woodland glade.

Within the clearing is a central seating area where residents can meet and socialise whilst overlooking bulb-planted lawns. Informal timber play is interwoven through trees and biodiverse planting to give an experience that encourages children to explore and interact with nature. Planting enhances the setting by providing floral scents and attracting insects and wildlife. The design offers all year-round seasonal interest to create a green oasis within this residential area.

biophilic courtyard
biophilic courtyard
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