At HTA Design, we are committed to doing all we can to mitigate the climate emergency and we invite our clients and collaborators to share that priority. 

We have signed up to the RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge ( which provides helpful, deliverable targets for project teams to aim for, particularly on energy use, embodied carbon and water consumption in buildings. The RIBA Climate Challenge also seeks to minimise overheating, improve indoor climate and sustain levels of daylight.

Our fee proposals include for the time necessary to make the relevant calculations and recommend strategies for project teams to consider, in line with the RIBA 2020 Plan of Work. This also means carrying out a basic Post Occupancy Evaluation (Stage 6 of the Plan of Work), to review success in delivering Climate Challenge objectives, hopefully with the support of our clients and co-consultants. The fee for this is generally included as a part of our standard service.

Our ambitions to contribute to minimising the impacts of climate change through our work cannot be delivered without the support of the entire project team – clients, co-consultants and constructors. We very much hope fruitful collaboration as we move together towards the creation of ever more efficient, less wasteful buildings and neighbourhoods that support increased biodiversity and human wellbeing.

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