Architects' Journal feature Sandy Morrison's lockdown sketches

How are you filling your time in the lockdown? The AJ’s Sketchbook series is a showcase of architects’ sketches and concept drawings. Today’s sketches are by Sandy Morrison, a partner at HTA Design, who runs the firm’s Edinburgh office

I keep a sketchbook as a diary, recording the interesting things that happen day-to-day. The last lockdown was the first time in 10 years that I haven’t sketched regularly. Sketching is a response to being inspired by my surroundings and everything got a bit monotonous.

For me, sketching is the best way to try to understand what I’m looking at or where I am. Drawing something helps me consider how it’s made or what’s really happening. The sketches focus on three things.

Firstly, people. I find them interesting anyway, and I like to see how they inhabit spaces and what they are up to. In 10 years of drawing strangers, nobody has ever complained.

Secondly, the places I go. I’m an architect, so the environment we make is fascinating and sketching makes me consider scale and materials and the way things are put together.

Thirdly, components. At HTA Design we have a component-led approach to building design: work something out really well and repeat it. I also love the little things that there are to study, from flowers to garden taps.

I like the social element of drawing, too. Ten years ago we set up HTA Sketchclub and in normal circumstances we meet every month, go and draw the world around us and then gather in the pub to share what we’ve done. We’ve had a year apart, so I’m excited to get back to that.

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